What is TGP Projects?
If you have an idea that needs funding, TGP is the place to be!

Every year, we get entries of inspiring and compelling projects looking for a little monetary support. Be it a business, a movie, a book, an expedition, or what have you! This year, TGP Projects is set to be even more exciting, with a focus on the Arts, including Movies, Music, Theatre, and Publishing. 

If your project gets selected, you will get an opportunity to showcase and pitch your ideas to an elite audience at TGP 2017. And collect funds LIVE at the event itself. We have partnered with India's most successful crowdfunding platform, Wishberry, to manage fund collection.   

Here is a look at some of the really cool ideas supported by The Goa Project community in the past. 
Menstrupedia, an ingenious comic book that offers a friendly guide to menstruation for young girls, raised funds on Wishberry. Lawtoons, a platform that creates cartoons on laws for kids, and Riding on a Sunbeam, a film on the backpacking adventures of two travelers, were also supported by
The Goa Project community.
Over the last two years, many such projects have been selected from dozens of entries and pitched to the audience at TGP, collectively raising 1 Lakh in cash at the event itself. Several have gone on to raise the entire amount they set out to achieve (many even exceeding the same), including the likes of Greenopia, For the love of a man, and The Yellow Chair, to name a few. 
So what are you waiting for?

Nominations for TGP PROJECTS 2017 are now open! If you have an idea you want to share, the TGP community wants to hear about it! Send in your entries now!  

We will announce the shortlisted projects by end of August.

Good luck!

And see you at TGP 2017.
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TGP only accepts projects. A project is something that has a tangible outcome, that can to be produced in a specific timeline. For example - a music album, an event, a film, a hardware product, a game, a book etc. See the next question to check the categories we accept projects in.
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Be your own devil's advocate. What do you see as potential roadblocks to execute this project? Tip: Everyone likes folks who are grounded in reality.
What is your crowdfunding target amount? *

How much funds is needed? What will the funds be used for? (Hint: You have a high chance of raising your total amount if it is less than 5L INR)
Why do you want to crowdfund this project?

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Have you submitted a project in the previous edition?

How can the TGP community assist you in making your project a success? *

Is the team looking for specialized skill-sets to add value to the project? Do you require guidance on any specific part of your project? What kind of collaborations do you seek? Would you require space to brainstorm?

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1. The Goa Project doesn't guarantee the full funding for the project. 
2. The Goa Project decision is final on selection of final projects.
3. All Terms and Conditions of Wishberry (https://www.wishberry.in/terms-of-use/) shall apply during the funding process.
Phew! And we are done. Congratulations, you have successfully applied for being part of TGP Projects. We appreciate your support.  Expect a reply from us soon.
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